A quick story and a vent about how I’m starting to hate my life in a call center but I’m stuck here and I’m depressed.

So I go to my team member to take an escalated call from a “Mr. Fucking Asshole.” Mr. Fucking Asshole has notations on his account a mile long stating he is an abusive caller and an abusive rider. (We schedule transportation for people and every car company we’re contracted with will no longer transport Mr. Fucking Asshole). I know this is going to be a rough call but I know of some ways to help the guy so I jump in hoping for the best.

I get on the line and he begins to tell me how everything on his account is a lie, how the car companies are willing to take him, and how all we do is lie to people. I explain that I’m seeing notes directly from companies saying “Mr. Fucking Asshole is an abusive rider and our drivers do not feel safe transporting him. We will no longer accept trips from this Member.”

We go back and forth for a while until the verbal abuse starts. He just keeps yelling and yelling and won’t let me say anything. I’m trying to tell him what we can do to help or how we can call these companies to ask for an exception but no… Mr Fucking Asshole just keeps yelling. No wonder no one wants to transport him.

I don’t know how much longer I can take this, guys. I’m on my lunch break ready to just go home and fuck this place. I’ve been here for 3 years and it’s just constant verbal abuse from the fucking worst scum on this goddamn planet. It just feels like I’m stuck and I’m depressed and I can’t have a good day at work anymore because of people like Mr. Fucking Asshole. And seriously, what is this verbal abuse doing to my brain? I swear to god I’ve got some kind of trauma after working here.

Thanks to anyone who read all that. I just needed to vent…

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