Surprisingly, features matter!

I work for a call center answering chats for car dealerships. Every single day we get people saying “YOU’RE INSANE!! THERE IS NO WAY THE VEHICLE IS WORTH THAT MUCH!!” If I have the time, I usually will pull up the KBB value and surprise surprise, if you add all the correct features, color, mileage etc….you end up with around what we priced the vehicle for!

But people never do that. They think the base model vehicle with no features should be the same price as the vehicle fully loaded. Whatever.

I had a guy come in today very accusingly asking me why our vehicle was priced $10,000 more than what they could build it on the manufacturer’s website??? (Spoiler: the vehicle they were looking at was only $5,000 less…. don’t bullshit me please, I’m not an idiot.)

So I pull up the website, build the vehicle to the specifications, and it comes out to MORE than what we priced it for. I relay this information. Guy says “No, look at this link.”

…..He links me a completely different build. It does not have the same transmission, the same packages, not even the same color. But he wanted it for the same price.

After I relayed to him that he was, in fact, looking at a completely different vehicle, he quietly left. Hopefully releasing that he has the reading comprehension of a 3rd grader and perhaps he should stop and take a moment to think before accusing a business of shady business practices.

But probably not.

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