I demand a twelve year refund!

I left two weeks ago due to personal problems and I am NEVER going back. I’ll be on unemployment til I die if I have to (I definitely won’t have to).

I wanna start this by saying, though, that my place of work was incredible for everything except the actual work itself.

So I was working in insurance. I got a call from a pretty old man one day and he wanted to go over his policy. Blah blah blah you’re covered for this this this and this and also pregnancy.

“What? I’m a 70 year old man I don’t need to be covered for pregnancy!”

“I understand that, sir, that’s why I’m doing this review with you. We can remove that aspect of your policy and your new premium will be $X per month.”

“Do that. And I have been with your company for twelve years – I NEVER needed to be covered for pregnancy. I want a refund.”

“You… want a refund? For twelve years of pregnancy cover? For a policy YOU CHOSE?”


“I’m sorry I can’t do that sir.”

“Well, then I’ll cancel the policy and have you refund ALL of the money for the twelve years!”

“But sir you’ve made claims during that time: you can’t have that money refun-“


Of course it escalated and my manager was so floored he didn’t even give him the two month refund that was physically possible on an open policy. He ended up hanging up without any refund (I did get the change in for him though).

Kicker was, even if we wanted to refund the twelve years difference, we couldn’t because the new policy he was on was only released this year.

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