No account pop pervert, a lesson learned.

I got a strange pervert, well a weirder pervert call than normal. This one unsettled me.

My greeting goes off and etc. I look at my screen and it says “0000000000” for the phone number and my called ID says “private name”. I know it’s going to weird. We’re not allowed to just hang up on ANYONE. I work at a major telecom call center.

This guy comes on friendly. I’m hopeful it’s not a pervert. He asks me where I’m at-I give my state without thinking, I regret that instantly lol. He tells me what county he lives in. Which isn’t far from me. We honestly haven’t been trained on how to really deal with these calls and I’m caught off guard when he guesses correctly. He starts listing off local streets and things in the area. I am creeped out.

I flagged down my supervisor, because I’m not able to just hang up. If QA is listening, I’ll get fired. Fun. He starts asking if he can give me his phone number, I’m just trying to get dude off the phone. He starts asking if he can give me his phone number and text him when I get off of work, and if I’ll wear something nice for him. Gross. I evade and ask again if there’s anything else I can help with. He keeps up with the number and me wearing something nice. I’m staring at my supervisor, willing him to come take this call. He can hear me typing, he starts getting agitated and asks who I’m talking to. Weird. He says again he loves my voice. Asks if I’ll text him after work and wear something nice.

He starts talking about why likes women to wear panty hose and short skirts. My supervisor starts heading over. I’m saved. Yay.

My supervisor is a man. He takes my head set and busts out with “This is xxx’s supervisor I was listening to the call how can I help?”

Guy gets mad, yells some racist things, and hangs up. I take a minute in wrap up and take the next call. Slightly paranoid some creep is hanging around the center. He never said anything super crude and sexual, it was knowing where I was at and naming off local places that creeped me out. I am just giving a generic “I’m in the south”, from now on.

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