"I only wanna pay what I see here, on the bill I ACTUALLY RECEIVED"

Blah blah, yadda yadda phone formatting, bam.

Today is a special day, as I am training a newbie on the ways of the call center. So we’ve been laughing, chatting, and explaining how we do our jobs.

Ring ring, banana phone!

M: Me | T: Trainee | C: Caller

M: Hello, thank you for calling ______, my name is KalypsoEclipso, how may I assist you?

C: Hi, I received an invoice from you guys that shows me a different price than what your automated system is showing. I didn’t receive anything other than this, so this is what I’m going to pay for.

M: (heavily thinking about pulling malicious compliance, but I differ) Okay, let me see what the invoice is reading.

We verify, yadda yadda, she owes $90 in past due tolls, and I can waive off $35 of that in fees and drop it to like $49. No bueno.

M: (explaining to her what I can do, and that unfortunately, she does have to pay this)

T: She’s not gonna like that. She’s gonna start scr—


M: Yes ma’am, I understand you may not have received the invoices. Let me check our mailing tracker and see what happened, okay?”

C: Fine.

M: (puts her on hold and checks the tracker, and sure enough, everything was sent to the address she verified to me successfully, meaning, per policy, I can’t waive any fees in collections, only the ones marked in an open status) You seeing this T?

T: (nods knowingly) She’s def not going to like this.

M: (takes her off hold) Alrighty ma’am, unfortunately, the price still stands. I would only be able to waive x amount, and the rest will have to be paid in full.

C: I’m not paying it unless something bad will happen.

T: wtf… (Softly behind me)

M: Okay, so let me give you a run down. Failure to pay this off will result in a registration block, a citation from the Department of Public Safety, amd a court date. Failure to abide by these warnings will make the amount due, the $90 and change, expected in FULL to our company within 25 days of the court date. Failure to do that will result in a ban from the tollway, a warrant for your arrest, and your vehicle to be towed.

C: yeah, no you’re a fucking fat liar. Manager please, dipshit.

T: Wh- wow okay.

C: and tell your friend to stop cosigning!

M: Sorry ma’am, currently I am conducting training, he is listening in and following along on my calls to know how to handle working on the floor. His name is Brad (fake).

T: Hiya! It was amazing handling your case. I hope we can do it again sometime!

C: What? Uhmmmm…

M: (having hailed a sup in the meantime) Okay! Awesome, I’ve got a supervisor raring to go to help you out with this issue ma’am, please stay on the line until you’re transferred!

C: O-Okay

M: (puts her through and all is well)

Sup comes to me on my lunch and says. “You basically told her everything I told her and she still didn’t understand? So I made her pay it in full and get an account with us.

I laughed my ass off.

Thinking back to it, I should have followed through with malicious compliance, cause the invoice she was mentioning she was and wanted to pay WAS in the system, it just wasn’t the ONLY one. Kehehe.

TL;DR: Cust got one bill out of many and only wanted to pay for the one, ended up having to pay it all and still suffering

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