Enjoy your expensive lamps

I work for a major company. That owns seven different brands. We take calls for six out of the seven. I really really hate one of the brands we take calls for. The people are rude. It is almost time for me to clock out. I had 15 minutes left and I get this call. Do my usual greeting. The lady wants to cancel her order she had placed a few hours ok. So I ask for the order number and I pull it up. Sure enough it’s in fulfillment. Once it is in that status we can’t cancel it. So all of a sudden she starts screaming at me for not being able to cancel her order. Here comes her husband he takes over the call and starts yelling also. I was trying to explain the policy to him and offer a work around. Once it ships ups and they give you a tracking number we can have it sent back to us. That wasn’t acceptable. They want to speak to a manager. Fine but they will tell you the same thing. Meanwhile 45 minutes later he gets to talk to a manger. Which the manager is kind of a dick. He makes me put him on hold to verify why they don’t want the items anymore. Tbh i don’t care why. If i can cancel it I will. He says he just doesn’t want them anymore. Fine I go back and tell the manager that. So he says transfer them over. I honestly think the wife purchased the lamps and the husband was pissed about the prices. I am not sure what the manager said to them. I do know because he was an ass I forgot to mention that one of the lamps was final sale and couldn’t be returned. If he hadn’t been an ass. I would have made the exception to return them for him. Enjoy the expensive lamp that you can’t return.

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