If you can’t afford it. Don’t buy it.

My area of debt collection focuses on overdue payments, but often I also deal with hardships and account holds. C is customer. M is me.

M: welcome to finance company, you’re speaking with Me, how can I help you today?

C: I want to put a hold on my payments.

M: I’ll just need to grab your mobile number so I can check out your account.

  • Verification and stuff*

M: alright so C I can see your account is very new and you’ve not made any payments on it yet. How long were you needing a hold for?

C: until January please.

Note these are fortnightly payments and without supporting documents we only ever hold payments one month IF we feel there’s a good reason….I humoured them.

M: has something changed in your circumstances in the last week since you applied for this finance?

C: no, I just need to pay my bills.

M: has something happened to change the bills you’re paying.

C: No, I just can’t afford both right now.

M: ok…have you considered returning (item finance is for) to Company and then maybe you could apply again when your situation changes.

C: I don’t want to, my mother likes (item)

Note this item is not a necessity, it has no impact on an individual’s life, it is an unnecessary luxury item.

M: unfortunately I cannot hold your payments at this time as I can’t see any payment history indicating good will.

C: can you reduce the repayments.

M: no, these were set and agreed to at the time of purchase last week. Your next payment will be due DATE. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

C: no.

End call.

Why……just why. I’ve dealt with people grieving, people in hospital, people suddenly unemployed and even a lady who entered palliative care soon after finance…but this takes the entitled cake. Yes. Take this expensive item for free that you cannot afford and don’t worry about paying for three months.

No. You pay. Or you default. Think of a better excuse.

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