Do you want me to lie?!

This happened a few days ago. I work for an internet provider and we offer packages of land-line and internet or land-line, internet and TV. You are bound to the contact for two years and are only able to downgrade after this time has passed while you can alway upgrade. (I don’t know if other countrys have different laws for it so I’m mentioning it)

TL;DR at the bottom

So a woman calls and asked why she is still charged for TV service and states she canceled a while ago. I take her info and a look at her account, but I can’t see a cancelation. There was only a renewal of her contract in February where she upgraded everything, also the TV part. So I ask her when she send the cancelation.

She says that she never send a cancelation but called us 2012(!) and complained that it does not work so she assumed that we were decent enough to cancel it for her. So the following conversation happened. I will shorten it up because this was 20 minutes of going in circles and it will still be pretty long.

Me ist me and the dw is dumb woman

Me: I’m sorry but this is a contract so you need to send us cancelation in writing. You also made renewals every two years where you had the chance to downgrade.

Dw: No! I never agreed to renew the TV part. I alway tell everyone that it doesn’t work and that I don’t want it. You all want to rip me off! I didn’t even knew I was still charged for it.

Me: We inform you about every change via e-mail in details and after this you get 14 days to revocate. The TV service is also stated in your monthly bill.

Dw: Who reads this crap? I told you in 2012 that it didn’t work, this should be enough. I am paying for something I can’t use. Everyone lied to me and told me they will downgrade me. You punish me for believing you over and over again. You are all liars, LIARS!

This goes on and on while I also explain to her that she has a really high quality line so it is almost impossible that TV won’t work, but she argues that she thrown out her receiver that is necessary to use the TV package so no one can prove her wrong.

Finally I offer her a compromise. I will forward her to our technikel department and they will check if it really doesn’t work. If she is right and it doesn’t work we will downgrade her immediately, but if it works she needs to accept it and wait til the two years are over to downgrade. She agrees and I’m relieved to get rid of her but before I can hit the transfer button she starts this shit.

Dw: promise me that I get the downgrade after talking to the technical department.

Me: sorry but I can’t promise you anything because it depends on the result of the inspection. If it works you have to keep it.

Dw: I know and agree but I still want you to promise me that I can downgrade no matter what!

Me: do you want me to lie to you?

Dw: What? No, I just want a promise. So if it works I can still say you promised it to me.

Me: a promise from me wouldn’t change anything and I refuse to promise something I can’t guarantee. You complained the whole time that everyone is lying to you and now you are angry that I won’t lie? Would this make you happy? Wold you feel better to be lied to again? I take my job serious and inform you about all possible outcomes, what we can do for you and what steps can be taken to get the best outcome. Do you really want to tell me that I should lie to you to make you happy for a moment and then be angry again because I misinformed you?

Dw:…… no?

Me: perfekt. I will transfer you now and inform the colleague of everything we talked about. Have a wonderful day

TL;DR: Woman states that she cancelled a contract for TV service by calling once in 2012 and complaining that it doesn’t work. Demands that we cancel it right now, although she renewed the contract herself a few month ago. I tell her it’s not possible, but I let our technikel department check if it works or not. She still wants me to promise that she can cancel it immediately.

Edit: to dumb to get “TL;DR” correct

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