“I hope this is a record line cuz I’m getting a lawyer and subpoena the recording”

I’m back with another story of utility company insanity. For some context, we have a lot of older customers without a computer or cell phone who mail in payments by check and are aware it takes longer than our more common payments methods. Usually this isn’t a big deal but the customer who is the focus of this story was something else.

Me: me duh LC: Litigious Customer

Me: “Thank you for calling Utility Company, how may I help you?”

LC: “I don’t think you can cuz the other 4 people I’ve spoken to haven’t and I don’t have a lot of faith in you all right now.”

Me: “Okay sir, I will try my best to help. What’s going on?”

(Customer provides a long rambling story that basically boils down to him having lost his most recent bills and getting collections calls from our internal department)

LC: “I work 7 days a week and I had to take time off of my schedule, and I’m probably going to lose my job, to deal with this situation. What is Utility Company going to do to make this right?”

Me: “Well sir I’m not sure I understand what you’d like us to do. You are responsible for making sure your bill is paid and I see you made a payment over the phone with our collections department so once that clears everything will be settled.”

LC: “I have never been late on my payment not true and I always mail in my payments and I know you can post those the next day. There shouldn’t be any reason to threaten me with termination when I can just mail in a check and have it applied the next day.”

Me: “Sir if you mail in a check payment it can take 7-10 business to receive and process.”

Interrupting LC: “That is a lie, don’t tell me a lie. My checks are put into the account in 2 days, you need to stop lying.”

Starting to get frustrated Me: “Do not call me a liar sir. I am giving you accurate information that is accurate and you have no place to accuse me of lying.”

Customer apologizes insincerely and starts ranting again about how I’m not a liar but I’m repeating lies told by my superiors.

LC: “I’ve been a loyal customer of this company for 30 years and I am going to get a lawyer. This better be a recorded call because I’m going to file complaints about every lie you’ve told me.”

I’m trying to keep the devil inside me cuz he’s wanting to leap out and give this guy a piece of my mind. We’re a natural monopoly and have been for decades, if he wanted electricity in his area he had no choice but to be a “loyal” customer and what’s more he can’t afford to pay his bills on time but will hire a lawyer? Sure the international multimillion dollar company is going to fold to some angry old man with a cheap lawyer.

He ended the call thanking me for listening to him express himself and to be ready to hear from his lawyer for the “case”.

I think old folks in my area have too much time on their hands.

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