Pay for my parking ticket

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I work at a fast food chain call centre. I recently got a call from a crazy woman. I’m not going to give a conversation because I don’t remember the play by play.

So this woman calls in, she tells me she has already called. I look up her case to find she called less than 10 minutes prior and had had to be escalated to a supervisor. With the note “SHE WILL CALL BACK. TELL HER TO CALL THE NUMBER ON HER TICKET.”

She had been in one of our parking lots and had gotten a parking ticket. As she was in our lot and “had only been there for 8 minutes,” we were apparently responsible for paying her ticket. I went in circles with her, telling to call the number on the ticket and her telling me that my company had to deal with it because we hired the company who gave her a ticket and how she had only been there for 8 minutes. This went on for at least 10 minutes.

The call ended with her threatening to go to the media. All I was thinking was, ” go ahead, tell the news you can’t deal with your own parking ticket and see how hard they laugh.”

TL:DR Crazt woman parks in fast food parking lot, gets ticket, expects fast food company to deal with ticket.

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