I want 3 years retroactive credit for all the sales and specials I didnt take advantage of…

Customer calls in one morning last year starts off conversation bluntly wanting 3 years credit for because we have had different specials off and on in that time and he didn’t take advantage of them. This is in the top 10 silliest out of the thousands of calls I have taken over the years. He truly wants credit because he realized in the 3 years that we owned his local company we have had specials. They were offered in the past, flyers, all the usual marketing things, but he thinks, oh he can retroactively take advantage of them and to just go ahead and credit his account 3 years at the best special price in that time. I do my best not to laugh and tell him sorry that isn’t a possibility and offer to get him to sales to see if one can be applied now because I won’t do it he wants the highest supervisor. I offered to transfer sales to check for him. Oh no by pattern he wants the person in highest authority and can’t believe we would not just give him 3 years of credit right off the bat no questions asked because he didn’t ask or accept specials in that time. He said he is going to report me for not giving him what he wants and for not getting him to a supervisor right away for his and for treating him so bad by not giving him 3 years of credit on specials on his account.

I put him on mute to let the others know what I was dealing with. This was good for a laugh for sure. My supervisor definitely laughed and said that’s one for the books and no he doesn’t need a supervisor for this. I came back on the line and basically said the same as before, not going to be able to do that but can see what specials are going on currently and get them on one of those. They wouldn’t budge wanting 3 years of credit. Let them know not possible and this isn’t going to a supervisor this is cut and dry. Noted the account and ended the call when the swearing started. Looking back. They tried this again 2 more times in the next week and the person each time used my notes. No need for a supervisor at all. Before going to collections for nonpayment of the bill the next month.

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