Casual racism is never a good strategy

This story dates back to when I was working for an orange online fashion retailer very popular on continental Europe.

I was at the time a senior agent, which meant that, while still taking first level calls, I was also supporting less experienced colleagues, took escalations and was generally given much more leeway when dealing with assholes. This wasn’t even an escalation.

Today’s cast is: Me and CR (Casual Racist).

Me: “Hello and welcome to orange online fashion retailer, my name is Me, how can I help you today?”

CR: “Hi, I am CR, I am calling because of a problem with the delivery of my last order.”

Me: “Oh, sorry to hear that, could you be more specific? Did it come later than promised, was the parcel or the item damaged?”

CR: “No no, nothing like that, it has more to do with the delivery guy… you see, you always sent the same guy, he was very nice… but this time you sent a new one…”

I’m a bit confused at this point, but I’ve dealt with my fair share of weirdos, so I play along**

Me: “Well, we don’t really choose who delivers your parcels, the delivery company does that, and they’re a separate company, but I’d be more than happy to lodge a complaint with them on your behalf, if the driver was rude to you or you were dissatisfied with the service in any way.”

CR, starting to get flustered: “No no, it isn’t that, it’s just that this time.. they sent… a nigger.”

I freeze, my jaw drops, eyes open wide, trying to register what I just heard.**

Me, trying to regain my composure: “Ma’m, I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t use that word. Also, I am pretty sure that the driver’s skin color doesn’t affect his ability to deliver parcels in a professional manner.”

CR: “Oh no, he was professional and nice, but he is… a nigger. How else should I call him?! Can’t you send the other guy again? He’s white and he’s from around here, I’d feel much more comfortable if he were the one delivering my orders.”

Me still professional on the outside, a cauldron of molten lava on the inside: “I’m sorry, but we don’t get to pick who delivers orders in a certain area and I honestly doubt that the delivery company would change someone’s route because a customer doesn’t like their skin color. And please, once again, don’t use that word.”

CR: “I see… so you are not willing to help me. If you don’t get me the old driver back I will stop ordering with you.”

Me, with smoke coming out of my ears, but still matter-of-factly: “I am sorry to hear that ma’m, but I think you got it wrong… WE don’t want to have someone like you as our customer. Have a good day.”


Left Colleague and Right Colleague stare at me with a “OH NO YOU DIDN’T!” look on their faces.**

After the call I went straight to my Team Leader and told her what happened, acknowledging that the last sentence was maybe** out of line. She wasn’t too happy about it, but agreed that a 20€ racist customer can go fuck themselves.

I think the moral of the story here is quite obvious.

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A quick story and a vent about how I’m starting to hate my life in a call center but I’m stuck here and I’m depressed.