Anyone else work like this? Don’t know how much longer I can do this

So I work in the busiest inbound call centre in my country. We get about 12000 to 15000 calls a day. Each agent is supposed to answer a minimum of 200 calls a day. This target is very hard to reach and I find myself averaging 180 calls a day. There are no breaks in between calls as you can imagine. It’s non stop call after call after call. Our tea break is 15 mins. Lunch break is 25 minutes. We are only allowed 5 minute breaks at a time otherwise you’re out of adherence. We’re only allowed a total not ready time of 1hr 10 mins (including the two breaks) in an 8 hr 30 minute shift. Our kpi’s are ridiculous. We get evaluated every single day, two calls a day. You need to score 95 and above on each evaluated call, otherwise its considered a fail. We’re not allowed to have our phones or anything at all at our desks. We can’t eat or drink at our work stations. We need to tuck in our chairs whenever we leave the workstation.

I’m tired. I dread going to work everyday to answer call after call after call and still not reaching my target. I’m tired of seeing the evaluation email pop up and panic on whether I hit 95 or not. But I need this job. Its hard to get employment in my country and everyone is envious when I tell them the company I work for. I have 3 kids and my husband is basically the breadwinner but it’s nice to have that extra income from me. But I’m just so burnt out by this.

We start the morning shift at 7am so if I happen to be working weekends I have to be up at 6am on a Saturday and Sunday, leaving my family snoring at home. Our afternoon shift starts at 3pm and ends at 11pm, so some days I get home after midnight. It just feels so wrong and cruel and I hate it.. And I haven’t even gotten to the annoying self entitled customers yet. I guess I just needed to vent. And ask whether y’all work like this in your call centres, especially on the inbound calls part? Thanks for listening to my rant

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  1. That sounds awful. We have 1 hr of breaks, 30 min lunch and 2-15 min breaks, we don’t get evaluated like that, but our supervisor does listen to calls. Oh and sometimes we go home early if we don’t have enough calls coming in.

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