I left after my 1 year mark today!

That was the most unnecessarily stressful job right at the end there.

The call center I worked at handles basic walkthrough tech support for a satellite company that was semi-recently purchased by a cell phone company. It is also mandatory to at least offer on every call to sell insurance plans but I practically never did as most of my callers had them already and mostly as I didn’t want to offer it by the time I was 11 months in.

A few factors went into my decision to quit, when I’d started the place was PACKED. They are trying to fill in again but with the new software, people finish the training and split even quicker than when I was in training. The whole group. Not even a few months before deciding it isn’t worth it. I’m sure they’ll gain numbers but it’ll never be as smooth as when I first started there, people worked there who still had family lives.

The new software is a piece of cake and I liked it even, but they have changed our customer base to clients who have called in at least 3 times in the past 20 days so we’re essentially taking A.Q. calls without any increase in pay. Yeah. Get fucked, Warthog.

They legitimately coached me ONCE in the entire year. Everyone was supposed to get one every 2 weeks but it slowly got worse and less as they shipped 2/3 of the management to train in the Philippines based call centers. Eventually I stopped asking about it altogether because it seemed like the harder I tried the less likely it would happen, right at the end our entire team is still without a coach going on 3 months which is fucking ridiculous. They can’t fill the position because even the voluntary stand in we had temporarily– fessed up that she’d rather take calls then be a coach because there would be no insurance sales bonuses. Sound reasoning considering that’s the only real way to make ends meet at the end of the month.

This lack of moral is going to fuck them up. No one is happy there now. It was just me for a while and then it’s like everyone else started waking up and seeing how crapty it is, and started quitting massively.

Finally, there were some folks there who were either shit people to begin with, or slowly devolved into shit after being there for as long as they have.

I had every intention of saying goodbye to the one decent manager I met there but the p.o.s. GM who gets away with dick jokes and hitting on me got to me first and when you sign your bye bye papers they have to walk you out.

I foresee that place folding VERY quickly; the rate at people are leaving is getting worse by the week and the building is nearly empty.

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Good call but bad customer

Anyone else work like this? Don’t know how much longer I can do this