Lady is horrified when she gets an immediate response to a text!

The finance company I work for is open seven days a week for extended hours, after hours and weekends only one person is available to take calls. I’m trained in both collections and admin operations so I’m often the lone wolf.

Weekends are the slowest days so response times are super quick for all forms of contact.

The customer in question, let’s call her Karen for obvious reasons, had her repayments on hold due to apparent financial hardship. These holds only happen for one month but then require further assessment for legitimate financial trouble. Her month was at its end and a payment was due.

My coworker, we will call him Chad, also obvious reasons, had done half assed notes on the account so I could not do further assessment myself because I didn’t have any information on the customer’s situation.

My company sends text messages that customers can respond to with a date for an arrangement.

11:00am text received from Karen “hold my payment until (date well past the NEXT repayment due date)”

11:05am text response “Hi Karen, I’m happy to hold your payment until that date but I need to advise you that you also have a payment due (next payment date) – would you prefer a double payment then or on (following payment date) to reduce the amount of payments debited?”

11:10am call incoming

Me; welcome to finance company, you’re speaking with Crispix, how can I help you today?

Karen: I just got a text advising me that I’m overdue for a payment but I’m suppose to not pay anything until someone calls me!

Me: Oh! Am I speaking with Karen? Yes I can see from the notes that Chad was due to ca-

Karen: – SOMEONE just sent me a text message! On a Sunday! Telling me I needed to make a payment! I’m horrified that they would respond to my text on a SUNDAY?!?! Ridiculous.

Me:….(super peppy customer service voice) Yes that was me actually, I do try to respond to customer queries as soon as possible and considering you sent a text through I figured you’d like a response as soon as possible, I do apologise for responding so promptly to a message you’ve sent :))))

Karen: oh well someone was meant to call me.

Me: oh yes, Chad was scheduled to call you but that was a Saturday and we do try not to bother people on the weekends, some people can be bothered by our calls or texts 🙂

Karen: oh…fair enough.

Me: I’ll make sure Chad gives you a call on Monday :)))))

Karen: that’d be good.

Me: no problem! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Call ended

How dare I!!! Respond to the SMS that YOU sent ON A SUNDAY! ALMOST IMMEDIATELY!!!! ON THE SAME DAMN DAY!!! Oh heavens where are my manners??? It’s almost like it’s….customer….service?

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