You live on what street?

Obligatory this happened a while ago but I still get made fun of by my co workers. I’m also on Mobile so please forgive my formatting.

I work for a inbound sales call center. We take current client calls from multiple companies throughout the US.

Incoming call Me: Company name, this is ShortTemperedVCutter how can I help you

Customer: yes hello? Hello?

At this point I could already hear the face this customer had a thick Asian accent and it might be long call since I have to confirm every piece of information with everyone.

Me: Yes, hello how can I help you?

Customer: I your customer

Me: You’re a current customer?

Customer: Yes

Me: okay great how can I help you?

Customer: Your company come to my house again. I need another service.

Me: okay let me collect information and I can get you scheduled. What’s your address?

customer: ### Black Schlong St.

Me: I beg your pardon?

Customer: ### Black Schlong St.

Me: I..I’m sorry ### what street?

At this point I knew I got the numbers right so I decide to google it. I got hit with a bunch of NSFW results that I wish to not see again.

Customer: Schlong. Black. Schlong.

Me: Can I get you to spell it out for me?

She ended up spelling it for me. She sounded a bit irritated but it ended up being black pond. I have no idea why she would make the “shl” sound while saying pond but after I hung I couldn’t contain my laughter and ended up having to take a 5 minute break to compose my self.

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