Pervert caller is a regular

I work at a call center for a major bank. My shift begins at 6 am, and surprisingly we manage to get a few regulars. One is a perverted man who calls in anonymously. Our policy is to not immediately hang up when getting an obscene call but requesting there professionalism, than giving them a chance to correct themselves before getting to the abusive script than disconnecting. This unfortunately allows the caller to have a listener as they share some disgusting fantasy. My first call with the regular pervert started with him telling me he travelled to Seattle Washington with his mom to visit an aunt. As he pretended to look for account info he shared this story of how his mom was a Bruce Lee fan and the actor was buried nearby. They went to the grave site to take pictures and he suggested she get naked standing on his grave. I was uncomfortable at this point and just hung up by the time he got to the part where she was so turned on when they got back in the car. It’s truly some sick people in this world

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