”Yeah, but what time zone?”

In hindsight I could have been clearer, sooner on the call. but this excerpt of the question and answer has made me laugh ever since:

Customer calls in, short attention span, clearly multitasking and irritated with this call. Conversation is pretty brief, but by the end of the call she knows she needs to take some action and call back in later.

Caller: “ok, so what time do you close?”

—-So, I don’t know what timezone she’s in, and I’m not on the east coast which is where most people call from, so as a veteran call center person my misguided attempt to be helpful was to answer:——

Me: “We close in 2 hours”

Caller: “what timezone?”

Me: “well….2 hours is two hours”

Caller (exasperated): “yeah, but what timezone”

Eventually we cleared it up. But to this day when people give me a duration of time, I secretly wonder what timezone that duration is in.

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