"why do you need to verify my account?"… Customer basically doesn’t care if someone does fraud on her account 🙄

Context: I’m in the Lost / Stolen for AT&T.

Women calls in to report her phone as stolen, no problem, we can suspend the line, blacklist the phone and start the insurance claim, regular process for us.

Now, before any of that, I need to verify the account, for obvious reasons, but this lady didn’t have the account pass code. I explained to her why because of security reasons we need to verify before making any changes. The account isn’t under her name, it’s her husband’s. I ask her to contact him to get the pass code or get him to call us.

She starts ranting about why I need to verify her account saying things like: “Why do you need to verify my account? It’s not like I need to do something big” “Just do it, what’s the big deal about, it’s just a suspension”

I proceed explaining how we cannot make any changes without verifying this is actually her account and how she wouldn’t like we gave access to any stranger or anyone going into her account and suspending her service.

She continued with: “What’s the big deal about someone suspending my line? If it wasn’t me I would just call to get it back on”

I also explain how just by completing the report, someone could file an insurance claim and bring a lot more problems to her, but she goes: “so what if someone does that? Not a problem”

Finally, my dear customer gets pissed, yells “THANKS FOR NOTHING!!” and disconnects the call 🙄🙄

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Insurance fraud ma’am, it’s a real thing.

So many scammers