So many scammers

I recently started working at a large company, and part of my duties is to be a switchboard operator for the company. The majority of calls that come in are escalated customer service issues, which I transfer over to the escalation team since their number isn’t public. Since this switchboard number is one of two public numbers for the company, there are a lot of strange calls. Over the past few days I’ve taken more scam calls. My most recent one went like this:

My pre-recorded greeting plays Scammer: I need to be connected to ‘employee’. Me: And what is the nature of the call? (Always have to ask because I’m not allowed to transfer solicitation calls) S: I need to speak to ‘employee’ about a private matter. Me: What is this regarding? S: I have sensitive medical documents that I need to send over to ‘employee’ immediately. Me: I see. Well, if you have a relationship with this person you should have a direct number or email address at which to contact them. S: Isn’t this ‘company’? Me: Sure is! Click

The scam calls I’ve taken have all been from people with thick foreign accents, calling on numbers from my place like Mexico, and each one has sensitive/important medical or legal documents for an employee.

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"why do you need to verify my account?"… Customer basically doesn’t care if someone does fraud on her account 🙄

"Why is she a compulsive liar, sir?"