Insurance fraud ma’am, it’s a real thing.

Today I spoke with a woman who called in with one of our marketing flyers for her daughter to quote auto insurance. US based.

Karen: hi there, my daughter is moving out of our house to Colorado and needs to quote insurance for her vehicle.

Me: of course, I’d be happy to help. Is she available to speak with? I just have to get her permission and read her a quick disclosure.

Karen: she’s not available. She’s on my policy though.

Me: ok, maybe we can work around this. Are you in the registration of her vehicle?

Karen: no. Why can’t I quote her a policy. I’m her mother.

Me: because she’s over 18. She’s an adult. She has to make the decision to let you speak to me.

Karen: well then what about if you quote this vehicle at the new address in Colorado with my name on it?

Me: Ma’am the rates wouldn’t be accurate, and you have no insurable interest in the vehicle as you just stated.

Karen: I don’t understand why you can’t help me.

Me: because as I stated, your daughter is a grown adult and needs to provide permission for you. Plus, what you’re asking is technically insurance fraud.

Karen: whatever.

She hung up. I noted the household that mother was attempting to impersonate her daughter. I had such a smug sense of entitlement after that.

Don’t try to lie. I’m licensed, and I’m not risking my goddamn job so you can not purchase insurance from me. If I’m not selling I’m not making money.

Also. Your child is an adult. Cut the cord and pop your teat out of their mouth.

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