there’s a 95% chance you shouldn’t be flattered when i remember you

My department takes phone calls from our stores and despite us all being the same company we get our fair share of rude callers. I’ve been off phones for about 4 months now since I was promoted to handle our biggest vendor account.

I worked yesterday (Labor day) for the sweet holiday pay in exchange for answering the phones. A guy calls and the store # doesn’t show on caller ID

He immediately speaks very fast telling me what he wants before I have a chance to take anything down other than his name. I asked “what’s your store #” and he tells me. Something clicks and I say “oh I thought you worked at store on the opposite coast

He’s absolutely flattered that I remembered him and told me the whole story of him deciding to move across the country to work at a newly acquired store. He hung up in a great mood and never wondered why I remember him despite him having no idea who I was?

For context we own 1000+ stores that would need to call my department at least once a day, and there are several employees at those stores to make those calls. My department only has 7 people max trained on phones at any given time. It takes a lot for us to remember someone at a specific store.

He had been rude to me so many times, talked down to me, asked me if I was new, tried to convince me i was wrong about procedures, etc. Of course I remember you buddy, you’re on my shit list (:

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