"There is no MS. Jody here"

Oh goodness. Normally my posts are because I said weird things to my coworkers or about a customer’s weird antics. Not today!

My job at this call center switches around sometimes. Normally I’m handling the scheduling of vehicle inspections, but today I’m calling people to make sure that they got their warranty information in the mail.

For this particular program, we can ONLY speak with the person we have listed. Because of this, I have to be sure I have the right person. Me, being the dense little shit I am, forgot names are actually gendered and I’ve just been conditioned to think that. So…

Me: Good afternoon, could I speak with Ms. Jody Boomer?

Man: There is no Ms. Jody Boomer, but there is a mister.

Me: I’m sorry, is Ms. Jody Bloomer available?

Man: There is no MISS Jody Bloomer.

Me, firetruck red: Oh, I’m so sorry!

Thankfully, MR. Jody Boomer was a cool dude and didn’t get upset, but thinking of how horrible that could have been if he wasn’t a chill dude makes tingles crawl up my spine.

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