Drunk Customer

I worked in customer service for a car rental company for 2 years, and this short incident happened while answering the phones one morning.

Me: Good morning, my name is metabolt4e, how may I help you?

Customer: I want to file a complaint immediately for the way your staff treated me and I just want to say upfront that I expect compensation.

Me: Alright, sir. There are multiple ways you can file a complaint. May I please know the reason?

Customer: Your staff refused to give me a vehicle.

At this point I’m thinking the office fucked up because they were generally rude and unhelpful to customers. I pull up is booking and verify his information and I go through the notes in the system left by the staff at the office. It says in big letters that the customer showed up drunk and made a scene by insulting the staff and hitting the counter. The police was eventually involved and the customer was turned away. His booking was closed with no charges and I don’t remember if it was prepaid or not but if it had been then he would be fully refunded.

But the story didn’t end there. The customer went back the next day (mostly sober) and kept insisting he wanted a car still. The staff refused as per Terms & Conditions, saying that his booking was closed and he would not be given a new rental. He made a scene AGAIN, which is when he called customer service to complain.

Now, usually when I read the notes in the system I don’t flat out the person everything that’s on there, but I did tell him that I was aware there was an incident the previous night.

Customer: Yeah, they refused to give me the car I booked.

Me: Sir, the staff has the right to refuse to give a vehicle to an inebriated person, which seems to have been the case. Were you inebriated at the time?

Customer: Yes, so? It was my car.

Me: Sir, we can’t give a car to a drunk person. You realize it’s again the law?

Customer: That’s my business. They were rude and called the police on me.

At this point we keep going around in circles with his insisting he wants a car and me saying that we will not provide him with a vehicle after what happened. Eventually I told him the ways he could file a written complaint and ended the call as we were not going anywhere.

People legit don’t understand that a company isn’t just going to hand out a whole ass vehicle to a drunk person.

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