There is no way $1670 a year is $100 a month

Someone called in for car insurance on their vehicle. The annual rate for this vehicle was $1670. The month before they only ended up paying $100 for 1 month as they transferred from the old car to the new car with 1 month left in the term and $100 was the difference.

They called for the renewal and I quoted $1670 for the year which is $147 a month. He said no, he was told it was $100 a month. I said that that was just because he transferred from the old car and this is a new term with the new car.

He agreed that it was $1670 for the year but insisted that the other insurance broker told him that he could get it for $100 a month.

I told him that if he was told that, to go there as there was absolutely no way I can make $1670 a year into $100 a month.

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