The Scream

Bit of a different story/question today.

Background: I work in a collections office, everyone hates us I know but someone has to do it.

It started this morning, when reviewing voicemails from the weekend there were dozens that were just a recording of a lady manically screaming. Minute long, all identical.

Then again at about 2:00 we started getting inbound calls back to back to back to back, just this lady screaming and screaming.

Its obviously some sort of attack, all the numbers are spoofed from all over the continent and haven’t been able to track anything down yet. It started out kind of funny, you’d hear a coworker across the bay jump in fright and then 5 seconds later another head would pop up closer. But know it’s just irritating.

Managers are running around in a panic, and productions slowed significantly, but on the upside it’s one of the more interesting days I’ve had in a while . . .

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