Lady calls wrong company, gets upset I can’t find her account to update cc info.

So, I don’t work in a call center, but I do take between 10-15 calls throughout the day for a small company and even smaller office. I’ll be ME, the caller will be WN, since she had the wrong number.

ME: “‘Company name here’, this is Preventfalls.”

WN: “I need to update my credit card on file.”

ME: “Sure, what’s your last name.”

WN “_________”

ME: “hmmm, that doesn’t come up, what email do you have your account set up with?”

WN: “________”

ME: *doing that whole B as in boy, T as in Tom thing*
Turns out I misheard one of the letters and she very rudely interrupts me in the snobbiest, most pissed of tone goes “NO…NO…NO….” like I was an idiot. I mute myself to let off steam about her being rude then go back to the conversation to try to pull up her email. It doesn’t pull up. I even use the function to go back a few years back just in case she hasn’t ordered from us in a few years. Nope, nothing. She’s not our customer.

ME: “Ma’am, are you sure you have the right company? There’s a few others very similar to us and occasionally people will call us on accident.”

WN: “I’m positive it’s you guys.”

ME: “Well, ma’am I’m not pulling anything up with the information you gave me”
At this point I know for sure she isn’t one of our customers because while we service the entire US, our regulars are managed by either me or my coworker and we both know pretty much all their names, as that part of the clientele isn’t that large.

WN: “You must not be listening carefully. You must not be hearing me correctly.”
I repeat her last name and email, carefully spelling it and she agrees to what I spelled out. Obviously still not finding her.

ME: “Ma’am, I’m really sorry, but you do not have an account with us. It’s very likely with one of the similar companies.”

WN: “You. must. not. be. hearing. me. correctly. Please find me someone that will.”
At this point, my coworker is on a call so I couldn’t get her and our bosses were out for a bit. I told the lovely lady on the phone, “I’m sorry, but my coworker is on a call. At this point, I’m going to have to have someone else call you back that will be better able to assist you.”
Of course I’m not going to have anyone call her, as she isn’t our customer and it’s a huge waste of our time. She couldn’t own up to the fact she looked up the wrong company, but oh boy, I was shook how rude and persistent she was that misheard her even though she had agreed with me twice when I repeated her credentials back. Some people.

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