The millionaire

I came across this sub recently and have been enjoying reading the stories here (for the most part). I used to work customer support for BoA back in 2005 for a short time while I was in college. One day I was on the phones and this woman calls in.

She asks me to check on a wire transfer for her that was sent a few days ago. I pull up her account and I see that she has hundreds of thousands of dollars (from what I remember 300ish k) in her checking account, various savings and money market accounts, and she had an international wire transfer coming in for 1,000,000.00 via China.

I informed her that it would take a couple days longer because it was an international wire transfer. The woman went from friendly to demonic screaming at me about how the fuck is she supposed to live on 300k (she said the exact dollar amount in her checking) for another two days.

At that point here I am, making less than 7 dollars an hour to talk to this lady. I was struggling to make it through college, trying to launch a freelance software career, I had rent and bills to pay, all while teletech managers were actively trying to get me to quit all that nonsense about a real career and dedicate myself to talking to morons on the phone full time. Then there’s this lady bitching to me about how she she can possibly manage on only 300k the next three days.

I told her ma’am I think you can manage. You’ll have a million dollars in three days it’s not that bad, people are starving in the world. Is there anything else I can help you with today? She hung up on me. I had almost perfect phone scores while I worked there so every once in a while I’d get away with some funny stuff on the phones. I also refunded a LOT of overdraft fees by leading customers into telling me what I needed to hear to refund them. Basically if you called me about an overdraft chances are I was going to refund some if not all of it.

Worst job I’ve ever worked, it was more enjoyable washing thousands of bio-hazardous dishes in a hospital daily. Do literally anything else and watch your quality of life improve dramatically.

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