Sweet caller warmed my cold, dead call centre heart

I’m on my third year on phones in a cruise ship company call centre, mostly dealing with the technophobe elderly or self-important travel agents. Most calls I try to get through as quick as possible, hitting my targets yadda yadda you all know the drill.

Last week I had a call from a guy in his 30’s who explained he had difficulties keeping his focus and got confused very easily. We ended up talking for over an hour, booking two new holidays for him, going over stuff multiple times so we made sure he had all his details correct.

It was one of the longest calls I’ve ever had, and one of the best. The man was so sweet, so grateful and happy to be speaking with me. By the end of the call we were joking about being best friends. Calls like that make all the other shit worthwhile. It reminded me that we get to have human connections all day long and hopefully the good outweigh the bad at the end of the shift. Hope you all get a sweetheart caller like mine soon : )

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