So I’m a racist because you’re mad…?

I used to work as a student in a Financial Aid Office at a local community college. I’ve experienced a fair share of people yelling at me to the point of tears over things that I could not control. Basically, I wasn’t getting paid enough for what I was enduring.

When we weren’t dealing with people face to face, we had a phone line people could call for general questions about deadlines, forms, etc. Even though we’ve stated multiple times that we can only provide general information, people will still ask us to provide specific information about their financial aid status. And of course when we say no, we still get yelled at.

So one day I was working the phones and I got a call from a guy saying that a high school diploma or equivalent is required for verification to continue processing his financial aid. He informs me that he got his GED while he was incarcerated. Okay… that’s a new one for me.

Me: okay well what’s the issue here?

Caller: I got it in prison so I can’t submit it.

Me: Sorry sir, proof of completion of your high school degree or equivalent is required to receive financial aid per the Department of Education.

Caller: Well i don’t have it.

Me: Okay then you may want to contact the prison to see how to obtain it (idk that was my best answer , I don’t know how the process really is)

Caller: Man you just don’t want to give me money cause I’m black. You’re racist!

Me: Sir I can’t tell your race based on your voice. Besides, this is a requirement for everyone.

Caller: Man I can’t get anywhere cause I’m a black man and all these racist white people want to keep me down!


I mean I felt bad because it seems he’s been facing a lot of hard times especially since being released. But calling me racist cause I’m not gonna give in to you isn’t gonna work buddy.

TL;DR: A guy was convinced he couldn’t submit his GED that he earned while incarcerated. Told him he still needed to and got called racist.

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