Outed son to mom

I worked for a call centre years ago. It was for a major cable/internet company in Canada. I worked In billing.

Some preface: to order a movie or something on demand you had to put in a PIN number from your remote. You had to set this up before you could use the cable service so everyone had one. You also had to agree 3 times to the purchase of a movie. You could not order a movie by mistake.

An older lady called in confused about her bill. It was higher than normal. I explained there were 3 movies ordered last month, that’s why they were higher.

She said she doesn’t order movies, I asked if there was anyone else in the home who could have? She said her son.

She explained that he would have asked her before ordering the movies since they are on a tight budget and it must have been an mistake. I went over how to order a movie and really you couldn’t order it by mistake. I said well unfortunately the movies were ordered and she might want to talk to her son about it.

This is where it became awkward. I looked up the titles of the movies ordered and yeah… it was gay porn.

She asked for the titles of the movie. I told her it might be best to talk with her son first. She started getting angry that I wouldn’t tell her and she wasn’t going to pay so I ended up listing off the 3 movies ordered. I don’t remember the names but it was clearly gay porn.

All she said was oh okay thank you and hung up.

It’s been about 12 years and I still think about that call!

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Worked in a call center where I called people with the results of their drug test for employment, school, etc