I have hundreds of stories that I could share. Like getting calls “what time is it?”. 9:40 am. “Ok thank you. – click”

Been doing this kind of work for 10+ years. Never imagined that I’d be a Customer Service Rep in a call center as a career. But, it is what it is and I’m good at it IMHO.

Got some new management in and they have begun to micromanage us. I’m getting pulled into the meeting room weekly now to review tiny little BS things. Work faster, do higher quality work, take fewer bathroom breaks, don’t leave your desk, don’t talk to coworkers. (Meanwhile, ohh you take the most calls of any of your peers.)

It is truly stressing me out. Think that they are trying to get rid of me.

How do you all deal with Management that turns an already stressful job into an unbearable one?

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Outed son to mom

I hope your children get illnesses and die!