Worked in a call center where I called people with the results of their drug test for employment, school, etc

I worked in this call center for almost 8 years before I became disabled. It was a great job. Like the title said I’d call people and they would get the results of their drugs test. We mainly dealt with people who took the test for jobs. Whether for pre-employment or random.

This story has always stuck with me and it’s on of my favorites. And if you guys want to hear more I will post other stories of the craziness of working in a medical review office (MRO) call center

With marijuana bring legal in many states both for recreational and medical use we have to ask every caller what state they live in. And I swear at least once a day this is how the conversation would go: Me: What state do you live in? Called: uhhhh….the United States Me:😑😑😑 No which STATE? Caller: oh sorry I was confused. I live in ‘some random city. That I’ve never heard of.” Me: I’m sorry I must not be explaining myself correctly. I live on the state of Illinois. What state do you live in? Caller: oh I understand now Me: (thinking to myself) someone please end my misery. Caller: I live in California Me: thank you

Everytime I’d get off the phone with a person like this I’d always have to step away from my desk for a few minutes. With that job I dealt with a lot of stupid people, but that’s not surprising.

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