Never been happier to disconnect a customer’s line

I work in mobile retentions for a large mobile carrier in the UK. So a customer called through wanting to disconnect their line, saying they’ve split up with their partner. Not standard but far from uncommon.

I asked if they left on good terms, and she said “well actually last night he hit me which is why we split up, it was building up for a while”. I expressed my apologies, obviously, and let her know exactly how she can do the cancellation. I was about to issue a PAC so she could steal his number straight away, however she couldn’t pass an OTAC which is needed to receive this (otherwise we just text it to his phone).

I then explained that we normally do a 30 day notice for disconnections, however in this instance I was more than happy to disconnect the line immediately for her. We normally have to ask managers to do this but fuck asking permission when there’s a chance I won’t get it and a piece of shit needs to be taught a lesson.

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