ACW Trash

Just wondering if I’m weird or if this is something more common among us phone-jockeys…

Whenever I finish a call and it goes into ACW (after call work, for you visitors that don’t know, is where the customer has disconnected the call but it is still recording for about 20-40 seconds before the next call in queue dials in) if the customer rubbed me the wrong way I will trash talk them. It’s not a full minutes long rant, just maybe one to two expletives or a quick sentence said out loud but quietly to myself so that my desk neighbors cannot hear.

By the way, the call center I work in is for a lawn-care service, (something I view as a luxury as opposed to a necessity) so my customers tend to seem more on the entitled side. I’ve been here over a year now and it’s not something that has ever come up from my manager, so I doubt my calls are being reviewed fully, if at all.

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