My favorite way of dealing with fraudsters

I work in sales for a call center and we sell expensive, highly technical gear. Because it’s 2019 and people try and rip people off on the internet, we verify all first time orders with a phone call. Between the technical nature of what we sell, and a little internet snooping to tie names and addresses to customers, it’s easy to pick out fraudsters.

So, if you order, we’ll run your name through a pretty sophisticated service, and will actually call the number that the service provides, regardless of the number that was placed on the order. Too many times, I’ll have to inform that person on the other end of that call that someone has tried to use a card in their name and they should call local law enforcement or the credit agencies or something.

When that happens, we mark that whole record as “fraud.” Here’s my favorite way of dealing with those calls when the fraudster calls in wondering why their order hasn’t been confirmed:

Fraudster: I’m calling wondering about my order.

Me: I’m sorry, we are not able to ship this to you today. Some of the information didn’t verify.

Fraudster: Oh yeah, it should verify, please ship it.

Me: Hmm, so this IS you? Then, feigning surprise Oh. My. God. I’m so sorry. Someone called before claiming to be you and canceled the order!

Fraudster: No, no, this is me. You can go ahead and ship it now.

Me: Sir (or Ma’am), you need to call the police. Someone is out there PRETENDING TO BE YOU! And they fraudulently canceled your order before! Hang on for a second, I’ll get the police on the line for you.

Fraudster: click

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