Be careful what you use your company credit card for.

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So years ago I worked for a credit card company, probably the 3rd one you think of. Somehow our business department got their staffing screwed up so from about 5 PM till 10 PM there was no one to answer calls for business accounts and I ended up getting saddled with the skillset. There was only two of us taking these particular calls at night so they put us on the same team. This story took place between the two of us over about two months.

Let’s meet our cast: Me – some asshole on the internet. Dave – awesome team mate Dick – a guy who has some problems with limits Big Hoss – Dick’s boss.

One night I get a call from Dick about the cash advance limit on his card, a pretty standard question and the way I always handle them is to start by informing the caller of the increased interest rate for cash advances, then the limit which in this case was $1000. Dick gets kinda indignant about his limit and asks for it to be increased which is immediately shut down because Only the account owner can request limit increases. Dick gets more annoyed but accepts his $1000 cash limit and promptly withdrawls almost the entire thing in 3 transactions all from Las Vegas almost immediately after the call.

Three days later Dick calls back, asking the same thing again and is promptly given the same explanation from Dave. Dave is a great guy but goes too far to make people happy and told him how to get around it by doing cash back at a grocery store (dont know if that still works but it did back then and most of the time wouldn’t register as cash for another 3 to 5 days), next thing we see is a few hundred more dollars coming out at grocery store transactions. I already know this is going to be bad but we cant really stop him without the approval of the account owner.

Another week goes by and Dick calls again, Dave pulls up the account and sees its maxed out. Dick withdrew like $9000 from grocery stores over the week. I see the look on Dave’s face and say “10 bucks says he wants his limit increased”. After maybe 5 minutes of asking other questions Dave hands me a $10 with a post it on it that just says “hate you”. I about died laughing while Dick tears Dave a new one because again, limit increases require the account owner to call in.

We stop hearing from Dick for a while and figure that his Vegas trip was over, end of the month hits and billing cycles close then Dick calls back claiming fraud on a handful of the charges. I transfer him to the fraud team and explain to them what’s going on, they see the account notes, laugh and take the call.

Fast forward another month and Big Hoss calls in and I’m lucky enough to get his call. He has questions about one of his employees cards. I pull the master account and verify which card he want info on. Dick. I’m legitimately excited at this point because dick was just that, a huge dick to both me and Dave on our multiple calls with him. I verify transactions and amounts for Big Hoss and hes reviewing the expense report that was wildly inaccurate. After a few minutes Big Hoss let’s slip that Dick ran up 10k on the card while on a 10 day business trip to Vegas for CES. He was there to setup and run his company’s booth and meet with prospective clients but instead he left the booth to a intern and a new hire who had no idea what they were doing. I don’t know exactly what all the money was spent on but Big Hoss was pissed at how much cash he withdrew and stated it was for “tipping” at client dinners, but whatever it was actually for got Dick fired and Big Hoss had to pay the card off. Turns out Dick never sent a payment for anything from the Vegas trip, which after the first month the account holder is notified and all cards under the master account get stopped. The only reason Big Hoss got involved was because the interest was at 24.99% and he knew his account was only at 5% APR.

It’s amazing what people will share on the phone when they’re mad enough.

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