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reminded by this other story:

As with my other stories so far, this took place when my call centre’s client was a mobile company, name beginning with a ‘T’. In particular, this happened shortly after we received training to take dealer calls in addition to normal customer calls. Both queues were for business accounts. Sometimes they’re sales reps in a retail store, sometimes they’re dedicated reps either in telesales or working door to door.

Anyway, it was a busy day with no agents in AVAIL. I’m just finishing up my note from the last call when I hear the whisper “Business Care”. If it was the dealer queue, I would have heard “Business Support” as the whisper at the start of the call, so I’m expecting a customer.

Me: Thanks for calling CompanyName, my name is Wydamn, what can I help you with?

Caller: (Ignoring my request for the reason for the call) Hi this is Beth A, Dealer Code 12345678

Of course, this is a dealer, calling into business customer support. Which would be fine with me except that our stats are recorded differently for dealer calls as opposed to customer calls. At the time I wasn’t 100% sure if taking a dealer call from the customer care queue was good for my stats or not, I later learned it didn’t matter that much.

Me: Oh, you’ve actually called into business customer care, sometimes that happens if you’re transferred from a different department, did you mean to call into business retail support?

Beth: Yeah, sure, can you put me through?

Me: Definitely, have a good day!

And then I did a cold transfer to the Business Support Queue, didn’t notate the account because there was no verification and it was a simple transfer. Immediately get the whisper for Business Support at the start of a new call.

Me: You’ve reached CompanyName business support, my name is Wydamn, how can I help?

Beth: (Again, ignoring my request for the reason for the call) Hi this is Beth A, Dealer Code 12345678

I had to do a double-take, but realized I had just transferred her to myself. And either she didn’t realize I had the exact same voice as the person she was just transferred from, or she chose not to call it out. Verification for the account was still on my computer screen though, so that was kind of convenient.

Me: (Slightly deeper voice to try and disguise it) I have an account here for CustomerName, is that what you’re calling in about?

Beth: Yes, I just wanted to add a feature to the one line.

We carry on with the call like normal, just adding a simple feature to a voice line, a pretty simple and painless process, and the call ends once done. But from then on, I decided not to transfer dealers to another queue that I was also taking calls from, and the few times I did I made sure to put myself into aftercall first.

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