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I work in a retail call center, so a lot of strange questions and answers have come my way, but this woman is one of my favorites. I am not sure how she keeps getting me when she calls, but I talk to her about three times a week. Tonight, was just a little more special.

Me= Me and OL = Old Lady

Me: Hello thank you for calling Store, how may I help you?”

OL: Oh, it’s you dear, can you tell me if it’s raining out? (Take in mind that I am not even located in the same state that she is, so I just google her location)

Me: No, it’s not raining, but it is cloudy out.

OL: Oh I heard some loud bangs outside, I think someone may be shooting a gun. (From previous conversations with this woman I know that she is 86 years old, but she is sweet as sugar.)

Me: If you feel like someone is shooting you should call the police.

OL: Oh, no I don’t have the number for the police and I am in my bed.

Me: Well you could call 911(American emergency services.)

OL: Oh, no then they would come to my house and I can’t have that, I am in bed. I had this happen once before and it was thunder. Ok, my dear you were sweet to talk to me. You have a lovely night. I am going to sleep.

With that she is gone, and I will probably hear from her tomorrow when she calls to ask what time it is.

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