If you cant expedite my order, then transfer me to someone who can!!

This is my fist post. I am even nervous about the response this will get. But, oh well… haha! Ok, so I work for an inbound call center were we take all kinds of calls which range from your typical answering service to technical service and government agency calls for the US. We are in a Spanish speaking country and offer bilingual service.. anyway that’s not the point lol!

So I get a government call from one of the states that we handle and this lady wanted to know who to obtain a copy of her birth certificate online as quick as possible. Now, we do have some information we could provide to callers however, we are not the agency and are not authorized to give any legal advise of any kind. We are like the help desk for each government agency.

The way the call went is just about like this EB (Entitled Bitch) M (Me):

M: STATE GOVERNMENT SERVICES my name is AGENT, how may I assist you?

EB: Yes, I need to expedite my order ASAP.

M: May I ask which document you ordered please?

EB: Well I haven’t ordered it yet but I lost all of my documents and I need to get a certified copy of my birth certificate now.

M: I understand mam. Well, the fastest way to get your document is by going to the local office and you should be abl… (Entitled Bitch rudely interrupts me raising her voice at me)


M: Ok mam thats fine if you have a family memb…(Entitled Bitch rudely interrupts me again!)

EB: I don’t have family there.

M: I see mam, allow me to place you on a brief hold please.

At this point my patience begins to run a bit low since I am doing my best to assist her solve her problem and this bitch is just raising her voice at me. I placed her on hold to prepare to tell her that the online orders cannot be expedited and that we do not handle the mail orders. Mail orders could not be expedited either and are handled directly by the Vital Records office.

M: Thank you so much for holding mam, I do appreciate your patience. So the online orders cannot be expedited but you can only request faster mailing. (Online orders go directly to the agency and can take little over a month to be processed which is something that we have no power over)

EB: Well, you need to do an exception because I lost all my documents.

At this point I’m like… WTF?!!! This lady just yelled at me over the phone when i and expects me to do her favors like i owe her something!

M: I apologize mam but we are unable to expedite the processing for the online orders (and i repeat) but you can only request faster mailing.

EB: Then transfer me to someone who can because I need my birth certificate NOW!!!

M: I am sorry mam we cannot transfer calls and the online orders cannot be expedited but you can mail in a request.

EB: I don’t have time to be waiting for you to get my mail application and who knows when you will decide to open it.

M: I apologize mam but we only assist with the online orders with reviewing the status of the order, technical support for the website and confirming the payments that have been processed. Everything else INCLUDING the processing for the online and mail orders is handled directly by the Vital Records office.

EB: OK then transfer me to them.

BITCH I JUST TOLD YOU A SECOND AGO WE DO NOT TRANSFER CALLS (I am yelling in my head because I don’t have a mute button)

M: As I mentioned a moment ago mam, we cannot transfer calls but i can provide you with their number.

EB: I don’t have anything to write with I need you to connect me!!

Like saying a different way is going to change the fact that I can’t transfer the call.

M: I am sorry mam I have no way of connecting you.

EB: OK, then what’s their number.

M: The number is xxx-xxx-xxxx

So she had further questions and I had a hard time getting rid of her since there was really nothing I could do for her. I eventually convinced her to call the office but this was about a 15 minute of back and forth call.

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