Lady doesn’t understand why an international purchase wants to verify her identity

Hello again people it’s been a while.

So background information, I work inbound only, for multiple companies disguised as the company. Ever got through to someone who has a very specific thing they can do or only takes messages or seems to not even know where their main office is located. That’s us.

So we’re based in the UK, depending on the account that populates and the time of day we may get calls from all over the world. This particular account at quite late GMT time tends to get more U.S. based customers who are generally older women whom are “quite well off” to put it mildly.

This particular lady wanted to purchase 2 items that came to a total of just shy of $3000. So I go through the spiel triple checking the zip code because I have no idea what they mean or how they even correlate to area. Go through to check out and a VISA verification image pops up.

No problem since the portal is online based we get these from time to time. Often times it will send verification code to a mobile number or ask for specific letters to online banking to verify etc, customers are okay with this generally because A, they’re on time use codes so we can’t use it again, B, its only part of the online banking details so again I have no idea what the password is.

This…. this was not that.

Me: Hello Mrs Smith, so I’ve just had a verification pop up, now the details its asking for a fairly straight forward nothing to haven’t given me already. However it is asking for the last 4 digits of your SSN. Now, whilst I am in the UK i am aware of how sensitive that particular number is, you do not have to provide this to me but I wont be able to process this transaction without it, would you like to go ahead?

Mrs Smith: Well that’s very strange I’ve never had this occur before. Why are you asking for my SSN, how is that going to put my order through?

Me: Mrs Smith I don’t need the entire SSN just the last 4 digits, however because yoire based in the US the portal we use is an online portal, so the bank is seeing this as an online transaction taking place on the UK. It is just trying to protect you from fraud. I would suggest calling your bank to enquire as to whether they can remove the block, or you can provide the details. The call recording is pause so none of these details will be on record.

Mrs Smith: I dont understand why you need my SSN you could commit identity fraud with… are you legitimate.

At this point I’m thinking Lady YOU called ME gave me your bank details, address and the meter measurement of your arse. What is a partial of your SSN gonna do?

Me: Madam I’m British I cant do anything with your SSN it doesn’t have any meaning here. And I do want to stress I do not want nor need the entire number just the last 4 digits for verification purposes.

Mrs Smith: I’m uncomfortable with this, can you remove my details please whilst I check with the bank?

Me: None of your bank details are saved, if you would like me to delete you from the customer database, I am letting you know that you no longer will receive catalogues and promotions for our company. Would you like me to do this?

Mrs Smith: no no no just remove the banking information I’m gonna call my bank and discuss this, are you going to be available in a couple of hours.

Me: Sorry Mrs Smith (Glances at call queue 6 calls queueing 4 of them are for this account and have been on hold for 10-25 minutes – I was the only one trained on that account in that evening) Its nearly 1 am here and my shift finishes in an hour, my colleague (Senior operator) will be back off his break in half an hour so he’ll be able to assist you.

Mrs Smith: Oh okay forget it then I’ll call tomorrow when are you back in

Lies through my goddamn teeth as I just watched 3 calls ring off and 2 drop out.

Me: I’ll be back in in 12 hours. Speak soon Mrs Smith.


I think I chuffed 3 fags on my break after that, my manager was kind enough to go on call whilst I bashed my skull in.

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