I think my soundbar is possessed!!

Okay the title makes it seem crazy, but thats what the client said. So like Ive said, I work in Home Theatre, the Client was calling in to get a repair on his Soundbar.

So I get all his information, and this is where it gets weird…

Me: Me Client: Client Wife: Clients wife in the background

Me: So what seem to be the problem today Sir?

Client: Well my soundbar is turning off randomly ma’am

Me: Okay so-


Me: Um…

Client: long sigh My wife seems to think its haunted because it turns off and on randomly, like when I’m reading the newspaper doing nothing.

Me: Okay sir… Is it haunted?

Client: No ma’am there is no poltergeist

Now I was asking it in a joking manner but he sounded so serious like he actually checked somehow.

Me: Okay sir lets um get this all set up for you okay?

Client: Sure ma’am

Everything went on like usual with his wife in the background mentioning everytime if it randomly turns on and off. When I needed the serial number from him he had to manuver the soundbar and upon doing that it said “Connecting to Google Home, please bring device closer” well I asked him about it and he didn’t have one. He didnt have anything like it because he felt creeped out by them so I added it to the report for the field tech to read.

It was just a really creepy call that was giving me chills during it cause I kept thinking its so haunted.

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