You’re why our call volume is congested

Haven’t posted here in a good while.

So I work for a major US telecom where the largest complaint lately is the long wait times. For some perspective, a hurricane happened which closed a center, you know, should be something any reasonable person would understand. Nope, not these customers.

I get it, waiting upwards to over an hour sucks, but the things people call in for could be solved within a few minutes on your own! Outside of disconnects, you can do practically everything else.

Some common calls are “Why is my bill higher than last month?!” I dunno, how about you not be a lazy donkey and look at your bills side by side? It’s not my job to teach you common sense. Other common ones are payments. We charge a fee now so this mostly died down, but some people still would rather waste their time in a long queue than press two buttons in an app. I don’t get it either (even if you’re 90 years old, we have an automated number pre-programmed in your phone that takes like 4 minutes!!). Then we get ones asking about “Tell me about blah phone” It’s expensive and does the same thing your old one does. Why did you bother waiting for someone to read you a spec sheet that’s available online?

One of the more recent wtf why did you call moments was this one lady who waited for 45 minutes to ask if an area code was local or out of the country. Our work computers are locked, I can’t use Google. I put them on hold to Google it on my phone. I swear some of these callers are super lazy with nothing better to do.

I feel bad for the callers with actual problems having to wait in line because of someone pretty dumb got lucky to get an agent first.

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