I want my phone NOW

OK so little background. I work for a major cell carrier in the U.S. as most people know the Iphone 11 series launched 9 days ago. Every year without fail the same thing happens the phones go on back-order. This is the interaction I had w/ a customer over this back order. Me is me cx is customer (names changed)

TL:DR get screamed at because someone doesn’t have the patience to wait for a phone.

Me: “Thanks for calling this is masterroon; can I get your name please?”

Cx: “Karen, and I am VERY upset right now”

Me: “thank you for that info Karen, and I’m so sorry to hear you’re upset, what’s going on?”

Cx: ” I just went online to order the Iphone 11 Pro in Midnight Green and it told me I wasn’t going to get the phone till November, I called the store and they said the same thing. Now I have been a customer for over 20 years and I want the phone now.”

Me: “I’m sorry for that inconvenience however we can’t control the ship dates of the phones. If it does come available before that date we will let you know.”

Cx: yelling at this point”That’s not good enough, I know you are holding the phones in your warehouse and I want one give it to me now d***it!”

Me: “Ma’am we aren’t hold the phones we do not have them in stock.”

Cx: “I don’t believe that, give me one NOW!”

Me: “Ok so let’s look at it this way. Who make the phone?”

Cx: “Apple”

Me: “Ok so if Apple makes the phone, then who controls how fast they are sent to distributors?”

Cx: “Apple”

Me: ” Right, so that means that big red check doesn’t have them in stock and we have to wait for Apple to send them to us.

Cx:”so that means I need to call and yell at Apple.”

Me: “that’s not what I would do, but you can call and see if they might have them in stock sooner.”

Cx : “fine bye” hangs up.

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