I’m not a banker!

So I’ve been working in a call center for almost 4 years. I tend to deal with a looot of different types of people but this guy was definitely memorable. This happened just a few days ago.

Cast DA- Dumbass Me

Me: Generic greeting with offer of help

DA: Hey I got a letter saying my insurance was cancelled and I don’t understand because I was supposed to be paid up for the year and in autopay.

Me: Well, that is definitely frustrating lemme take a look into this for you (or something like that).

So, the policy cancelled for non payment and it was not on autopay. The auto pay was disconnected in November because the card we had was expired and you never requested to set it back up. If there was a request to make the payment in full I don’t see it in the notes and I’m very sorry if it was just overlooked.

DA: I just came into a large sum of money I know I requested the payment to be made in full and I for sure requested autopay. I’m not living week to week anymore I have enough to pay it in full.

Me: I can get this set back up for you and make sure it’s enrolled in autopay going forward so this doesn’t happen again.

DA: You need to. This is your guys fault. You never notified me that it canceled or was even going to cancel.

-please note he literally just said he received a letter-

Me: We send out letters automatically when policies are about to cancel for non payment, sir. We actually send out several, the bill, the cancellation notice and the letter stating it cancelled. I’m sorry if you didn’t receive it. Again, I can get it set up today for you.

DA: Yes please! This should not have cancelled I have plenty of money in the bank.

-also note this was not because he made a payment and it declined he literally just didn’t make a payment how much money he has is irrelevant-

-Cue me going over info to restart insurance-

Me: Did you want to enroll with a checking account so if you get a new card it doesn’t happen again?

DA: Yeah! It should’ve been in autopay with a checking account. It’s set up the same way my car policy is.

-I check his car and it’s enrolled with a checking account for sure. One he would’ve provided us and allowed for autopay. Once the account info is entered in it becomes encrypted and he would have to enroll the same way with his other accounts, it’s not a blanket enrollment. He would have had to give the same system his card details for his other policy I’m handling right now to enroll with the card-

Me: The auto policy is enrolled that way, but you opted to enroll with a card for this policy.

DA: Well, it’s the same thing you should be able to pull it out of my account that way.

Me: Yeah we can, but when the card expires or is cancelled we can’t pull it out that way anymore. Which is why this policy cancelled.

DA: Well I don’t see what the difference is you should be able to find my routing number and account number from my card.

Me: Sir, how are we supposed to have that information from your bank with only the card number? You cant give us a card number and expect us to know what bank it’s affiliated with and what the routing and account number would be!

DA: Well how am I supposed to know that?! I’m not a banker!!

But it’s okay guys, he’s not a banker. He had no way of knowing they’re different.

This call took almost an HOUR and I left out a lot of it, I was a lot nicer with my card explanation than what it sounds like, and by the end he was more knowledgeable about his insurance payments.

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