I was sacked from a highly toxic outsourcing call centre, and I’m freaking out over putting this job on my resume as my last one. Any advice would be welcome.

About a week ago I was fired from a job in a highly toxic outsourcing call centre for unjustified reasons. I was going to resign anyway as working there was making me very ill, but they sacked me before this happened. I’m freaking out about sending my résumé with that job listed as my last one, as potential employers could check and I could be badly referenced.

I have no idea on how to proceed. I live in a relatively small country where everyone knows everyone, however there are plenty of jobs available in call centres or similar work (I’m considering jumping ship until I most likely move out of the country), but I have no idea on whether they check with former employees or not. I don’t want to shut down a potentially good job opportunity because of this, and would be very grateful for any advice on how to handle this.

I tried posting this on r/resume, but received no response. Hopefully some of you folks can help. You helped before, and I’m grateful for that. Also, the information of what happened is in my post history, if anyone wishes to read.

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  1. you didn’t mentioned how long you worked there, however i would leave them off. you dont have to put every job on anything but a large gap in employment will need explained.

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