"I pay for 500MB I want 500MB"

I work on a telecom sales line but most of our calls are customer care or technical that end up pressing the wrong buttoon because they use a super strange phrasing so people get confused and we are obligated to try to sell them things.

So this lady calls

Lady: “I want to know how many MB I have on my plan”

Me: “well, you apparently have 16 GB”

L:”But in my contract it says I have 500MB”

M:”Yes, but when you subscribed you must have gotten some special deal, but don’t worry 16GB is a lot better than 500MB”

The lady then gets really upset screaming if she pays for 500MB that’s what she wants to have. I ask her to wait till I transfer, I talk to my colleague in customer care before transfer just to tell her that this is what the customer wants and to her not even bother to explain that 16GB is better than 500MB.

Out of curiosity I took a look at her data usage and most of their cellphones expend somewhere between 2 to 4 GB, so she will pay at least 20 or 30 Euros in extras from now on.

Edit: just to clarify, English is not my first language so it kind of got lost in translation, I didn’t just said “16 gb is better” it would be more accurate “16gb is way more than 500mb” and her issue was to have anything different than what was in the contract

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