I work in a banking call center. I take escalation calls, so I really get the cream of the crop. /s

Had this client yesterday call in about her sons account she was joint on with him. It had been overdrawn for about a month due to some games and various recurring subscriptions he had his card linked to, along with overdraft fees for each. The son was 22, btw. His NSF history was terrible, so he was a habitual over-drafter.

She argues that his account should have been closed, but it wasn’t. However, he never called in for it to be closed. 🧐

Anyways, she wants fee refunds. Now we have the ability to override and give exception courtesy refunds if the account isn’t eligible, but I take the clients attitude into consideration first and foremost. So you call in being a dick to me, you ain’t gettin’ shit.

I am from the southeastern US. 99% of the time I speak proper English on the phone, but occasionally my southern roots come out. So after we go back and forth about the charges our convo was something like this:

Me-“well, the account went overdrawn because other charges come out.”

Client-“CAME out.”

Me-“excuse me?”

Client-“Other charges CAME out!” Use proper English iheartcatzz! so are you going to give me that refund?!”

Me-(mute button and laughing 😂) “I’m sorry ma’am, but the account is not eligible for any additional courtesy refunds.”

I don’t know what made her think correcting me like my mother or my English teacher, as if I am a child was going to make me want to help her.

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