Your son put your SIM card WHERE … ?

Hey guys!

My wife just showed me this subreddit. Between 2016 and today, I worked in 3 call centers so far and I was part of different projects, so I experienced a lot. Quite funny stories, so I might create a couple posts in the future. I may also tell you stuff about my time as coach for teambuilding, sales and motivation sometime… Not only the customers are crazy at times, also the staff.

But let me tell you about that one evening when I still worked as regular agent for a big german internet provider… I was part of the onboarding department of said provider and it was pretty much our todo to make people with new contracts feel at home.

Here goes:

A couple colleagues and I were working the late hours when I got one of those calls I’ll probably never forget.

Me: takes call** “Hello and welcome to ! My name is !”

Customer: “Yes? I’d like to cancel a contract my son ordered online. He’s underage and not allowed to have one.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Do you have a customer ID?”

Customer: proceeds to tell me a weird, unusual customer ID**

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. But I can’t seem to find this customer ID in the system.”

Also me: after some time, trying out his name, adress, etc.** “Are you sure the contract is with us, ?”

Customer: “The SIM card is blue. Your company logo is blue.”

Me: realizing it is most likely another big and popular provider in Germany** “Ahh! What’s written on the SIM card exactly?”

Customer: “Well, it says , but it doesn’t matter any more.”

Me: “It doesn’t matter any more?”

Customer: “Yes. My son just came up to me, took the SIM card, shoved it up his nose and told me that I won’t get it back.”

Me: in total disbelief, repeats** “Your son just took the SIM card from you, shoved it up his nose and told you that you won’t get it?”

colleagues start to burst out in laughter at this point**

Also me: gives the poor guy the number of the customer support of that other provider, after which the customer quickly ended the call**

There’s weird people out there. That guy wasn’t from Germany. He spoke very broken German and probably didn’t know what to do, so I tried to help him as good as I could.. But my, that was one of the funniest calls I ever had.

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