I can’t think of a title that can describe the stupidity of this agent

This is stupid and longish
TLDR at the bottom

One of my friends gave me permission to post this as they are not on Reddit

They are in the QA department of a large bank call center, they monitor calls after the fact to ensure that quality is up to standards and agents are following procedures. Along with hearing the call, they can also see agents computer.

My friend doesn’t remember the exact details of why the member called in but that isn’t important to this post.

The member calling in asks basic question.

Agent mumbles generic response and places them on hold without getting the members permission.

You would think as they placed the member on hold they would be looking something up. NOPE

They go to a webpage they were apparently reading prior to the call coming in of fanfiction erotic incest porn ?!?

Which my friend had to pause the call as it was soo unbelievable that:

A) They put the member on hold to finish the chapter

II) We are a closed site mean that only authorized webpages are even able to come up so how did the agent get around that

3) What???? You’re at work on an open floor with monitored calls and your reading incest porn?

They had the call on hold for 4-5 minutes go back and state they were unable to locate the members question to please call the main support number

(Agent never looked up members question which could easily be found)

Friend zeroed out the call (lowest score) and wrote them up for professionalism.

A few days later the agent is due to be QA’d again and the almost same thing happens

Mumbles to member

Puts them on hold

But now we are much farther along in the “book” and this member is kept on hold even longer (almost 10 minutes).

My friend writes agent up again along with zeroing out the call and copies every manager under the sun.

Me in a separate department (Workforce) who knows nothing of what is going on above quite yet gets pulled into a meeting of one of the managers under the sun and is told to put some agent in meeting code ASAP and not to let them take any calls until the meeting has been completed.

You would think this would be the end of everything. The agent is written up. IT fixes how they are getting on the web. Done.

But no…

The agent was written up and told if you do it again you’re fired.

But IT can’t lock out the site as its one of the few sites we allow agents to view. Project Gutenberg. Somewhere in there if you follow it along you can get to some really spicy stuff.


2-3 days later a separate QA person was listening to the agent. (As we have a policy if an agent gets two zero’s in a row a new QA agent has to listen to ensure nothing weird is going on) and the agent was still doing it. They just couldn’t wait to finish the “book” they had to know how it ended.

New email to managers under the sun and they were fired within the hour.

When we talk about “bad/lazy agents” the reference comes up as “Well at least the agent isn’t reading fanfiction erotic incest porn at their desk

TLDR: Agent is caught putting members on hold to read fanfiction erotic incest porn 3 times and is eventually fired.

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